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Posted by Heliocentrism on July 15, 2009

June 25-27, 2008

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Ah Paris…

We started our day by checking into a hotel. My brother made the reservations. He wasn’t leaving anything up to chance or me anymore. We signed up for a night tour of Paris for the following day. Then we took the subway to the Arc de Triomphe. We walked around the monument for about 20 minutes taking tons of pictures.

scammers hard at work

Le Scam: Did you drop this gold ring?

As we were walking around Paris going from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower we came across a man who seemed to have just found a gold ring. He walked over to us and asked if it belonged to any of us. Of course it didn’t. It was his fake gold ring.

We told him that it wasn’t ours, and how lucky he was to have found a gold ring. He gave the ring to my mom telling her she could have it… and if she could give him 10 or 20 euros that would be great.

There are many ring dropping scammers in Paris. We were approached by many other people trying to “sell” us a ring they had “just found”. They mostly seem to work around the area near the Louvre and towards Notre Dame near the water and they didn’t like their photos being taken.

That’s more like it!

I love to love Paris!

Paris was great! I really enjoyed it. It seems to me that if you take an average looking man and give him a French accent he becomes attractive. If you make him speak French he becomes drop dead sexy!

I enjoyed hearing everyone’s accents. I even enjoyed listening to the garbage men arguing early in the morning or eavesdropping on the subway. I don’t speak or understand French. I just like hearing it.

I just want to comment on the photo above. I saw these two middle-aged people on a bench in Paris lustfully making out. The passion that they expressed for each other was so powerful that they were on the verge of falling off the bench. I turned to my brother and told him, “Now that’s what I was expecting to see in Paris!” I don’t know what the story of these lovers are, but I’m sure it is a fantastically romantic one.

I vowed that day, that when I get to their age I would come back to Paris with my lover, husband, boyfriend, or random guy and make out on a park bench too!

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The European Union

How to get there:

You can enter the E.U. and France by land, air, or sea. I’m not sure what needs to be done to get a European visa before hand. Americans are issued stamps at the port of entry which allow up to a 90-day stay.


  • Emergency number: 112 for fire, police, and ambulance (for France and most other EU countries)



Videos: The E.U.:



  • In most E.U. countries almost everyone speaks some English and many people speak English very well.

EuroStar: Paris from London

How to get there:

Go to St. Pancras Railway station. The ticketing office opens at 6:00 am during the week.


  • The train leaves about once an hour from 9:00 to about 20:00.
  • The ride is about 2.5 hours long.




  • The London to Paris train goes to Gare du Nord in Paris.
  • It’s best to book your ticket ahead of time.
  • Look for specials to different European cities.
  • The EuroStar goes from London to Paris, by way of the English Channel Tunnel, sometimes referred to as the Chunnel. This is the longest undersea tunnel in the world.
  • There is a security check point like that of an airport.

Arc de Triomphe How to get there:

  • 48°52’25.6″N 2°17’42.0″E
  • Go to Charles de Gaulle Etoile metro station.
  • Do not try to cross the street to get to the Arc de Triomphe. You will most likely be run over if you do. There is an underpass that you can safely use.


+33 1 01 11 01 03

Cost: Free


You can climb stairs to the top, but I don’t think it’s free.

Eiffel Tower How to get there:

  • 48°51’30.1″N 2°17’40.0″E

Go to either Bir-Hakeim or École Militaire Metro Station. Public Bus – Take #42, #69, #72, #82, or #87. Website Cost: To take the stairs to the 2nd floor is 3.50Euros Elevator To the 2nd Floor

  • Adult 24+         8.20Euro
  • Youth 12-24    6.60Euro
  • Child 4-12          4.10Eur0
  • Handicapped   4.10Euro
  • Handicapped’s Assistant 4.10Euro
  • Baby 0-4            Free

Elevator to the 3rd Floor

  • Adult 24+        13.40Euro
  • Youth 12-24   11.80Euro
  • Child 4-12          9.30Eur0
  • Handicapped   9.30Euro
  • Handicapped’s Assistant 9.30Euro
  • Baby 0-4            Free


  • 9:00 – 0:00 mid June – the end of August
  • 9:30 – 23:00 The rest of the year


  • Do not miss the entrance time on your ticket. There are no refunds.
  • It is not free to take the stairs all the way up, but the rate is a lot less.

Sacré Coeur

How to get there:

  • 48°53’12.1″N 2°20’35.2″E

Bus numbers 30, 31, 80, or 85 will take you to the bottom of the hill. Go to Anvers Metro Station.


Baslique Du Sacre-Coeur De Montmartre
Adoration Eucharistique Jour Et Nuit 35,
Rue Du Chevalier-de-la-Barre 75018
Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 53 41 89 00


e-mail: basilique@sacre-coeur-montmartre.com


Everyday 6:00 – 22:30


You can climb up the dome for a view of Paris from 9:00 – 19:00 (18:00 in winter).You can also visit the crypt.


Click here for Google maps

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  1. photito said

    Le Scam! Happened to me too, and I’ve written about my version in my blog. My experience was a bit less in your face than yours, and to tell you the truth I didn’t even mind!


  2. […] few countries after that, we were at a train station in Paris waiting for the Euro-star to London. We had a 30-minute wait ahead of us when a lady from SMOE […]


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