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Touch Buddha’s Heart

Posted by Heliocentrism on March 7, 2010

March 6, 2010

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3 headed elephant

A Full Day

Mark put this trip together. We saw a lot of stuff in one day. We were originally going to take cabs, boats, songtows, motorbike taxis, etc. But, one of our weekenders brought a car and a chauffeur. At first I was a little worried. The driver managed to get lost just getting to Krung Thonburi BTS Station. But he turned out to be a true professional, and a great time was had by all.

Eating breakfast at the floating market

Green For No Reason

Because we had to wait a long time for the driver to get unlost, I was very hungry when we finally got to the floating market. The market had very delicious food for very low prices in a very colorful atmosphere. John did the translating when it was time to order food.

I had a wonderfully tasty duck noodle dish. The noodles were green for no reason at all. It was great.

Do you want to go inside a 3 headed elephant?

3 Heads are Better

After eating we went to see a 3-headed elephant. There was a beautiful garden on the grounds, but the best stuff was inside the elephant. You must leave your shoes on a rack outside before entering the elephant.

You can take pictures inside, but you cannot take pictures on the first level. I’m not sure why because this was the most boring level. Though, I would have liked to get a photo of the statues in the middle. There are tons of better stuff to snap pictures of on the second and third floors.

See Ya Later

The next stop was to watch gators. This one was a lot better than I expected. I thought it would be completely lame, but it was fun. The elephant show was good. I loved to watch the elephants.

It was a little sad seeing the elephants begging for food. The trainers also didn’t seem to know how to position the elephants so during the elephant painting portion, they lost some of the audience’s attention.

Visitors of the park can walk about feeding various animals. I fed a hippo mainly because I’ve never fed a hippo before. It was fun. I saw lady pay for a chicken and try to feed it to a lion. The lion sniffed it and walked away. Maybe he was full. Come early if you want to feed the lions.

a Buddha with heart

Straight to the Heart

This Buddha was huge! Here we entered Buddha and walked around in his body. Hell was in his feet and heaven was in his head. While we were still inside Buddha one of the monks turned the lights off. That was our cue to leave. On the way out I saw some crazy looking slot machines. It gave me a vague fortune reading.

Golden Pee

Last stop was to the most expensive bathroom in all of Thailand. When we arrived there was a camera crew filming. I don’t know what for, for what channel, or when and where to watch it. It’ll probably be in Thai anyway.

Filming in the john

We all went “number one”. It didn’t feel like a million-baht pee; just a regular pee.

All Pictures

(Ratcha Anachak Thai)

How to get there:

  • You can enter by plane, boat, bus, or train.
  • Most citizens from many countries do not need to get a visa before going to Thailand. But, you will need a visa to stay longer than 1 month or if you been to Thailand for at least 3 months already in the past 12 months.
  • People of most nationalities will get a 30-day visa at the port of entry.
  • To be completely sure, check with the Thai embassy in your country.






  • Do not say anything negative about the king or anyone in the Royal family. And definitely do not write anything bad about the king or royal family. This offence could land you in jail. You don’t want to go to Thai jail.
  • Don’t use the city ferries in Bangkok during the peak hours. They fill those things past capacity and sometimes they sink. Use them during non-peak hours when they are not crowded.
  • Never eat female horseshoe crabs in Thailand. The roe of the horseshoe crab has tetrodotoxin (TTX) which is toxic to humans. It makes people very sick and some people have even died as a result.

Bang Namphueng floating market

How to get there:

by bus –

  • Take bus No. 138 (Chatuchak – Phra Pradaeng), No. 140 (Victory Monument – Suk Sawat Express Way), No. 506 (Pak Kret – Phra Pradaeng), or bus No. 82 (Sanam Luang – Phra Pradaeng).


Bang Namphueng, Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan 10130


  • 0 1171 4930,
  • 0 2819 6762,
  • 0-3731-2282,
  • 0-3731-2284


  • Free to enter


  • Sat & Sun 8:30 -14:00


  • The food here is great.
  • There are lots of bright colors and many photo-opts.
  • To catch a cab after visiting the market, get a motorbike taxi to the river ferry near a local temple. Cabs are easier to find on the other side, so I’ve heard.

Erawan Museum

How to get there:

  • 13°37’41.9″N 100°35’19.2″E
  • Take a cab.
    • When you get near the museum, you will see it! Make sure the cabbie drives slowly.
    • The sign for the turn is right at the turn.
  • bus – number 25, 102, 142, 365, 507, 508, 511, 536
  • Click here for map and info.


99/9 Moo 1 Bangmuangmai Samut Prakan, Thailand 10270


  • 0-2380-035


Cost & Hours:

  • To go inside the elephant -100THB; open everyday 8:00–17:00
  • Just the park — 50THB ; open everyday 8:00–18:00


Crocodile Farm And Zoo

How to get there:

  • 13°34’20.8″N 100°35’52.4″E
  • Take a cab, bur, or click here for directions.


555 Moo 7 Taiban Road, Taiban Sub-District, Amphur Muang, Samutprakarn, Thailand


  • +66 2 703 4891-5
  • 703 5144-8


  • 300THB


  • everyday 7:00 – 18:00


  • You might want to skip eating at the restaurant in the park. We saw a huge rat running around in the kitchen when we were there. Unfortunately, we had already eaten.
  • It’s an okay place for kids and non-kids.

Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang

How to get there:

  • 13°36’30.6″N 100°42’17.2″E
  • Take another cab or bus.


Moo 8 Ban Klong Samrong Fang Nuea, Tambon Bang Phli Yai, Amphoe Bang Phli, Samut Prakan, 10540

ชื่อ: วัดบางพลีใหญ่กลาง
ที่ตั้ง: ม. 8 บ้านคลองสำโรงฝั่งเหนือ ตำบลบางพลีใหญ่ อำเภอบางพลี สมุทรปราการ 10540

Here are some maps that might be helpful.


  • Free


  • open everyday at normal, non-specified temple hours


  • This is a huge reclining Buddha.
  • You can go inside Buddha and see his heart.
  • You can even put money on his heart if that’s the sort of thing you’re into…

Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai

How to get there:

  • 13°36’16.8″N 100°42’40.3″E
  • Once again, take a cab.
  • It’s not far from Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang. If it’s not too hot, you can even walk.

Here is a map.

Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai.JPG


Bangphli Yai
Bang Phli, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand


  • Free


  • 8:00 -17:00


  • There is actually a very revered statue of Buddha at this temple.
    • It was built a long time ago to help the Thai people to remember the great battle won over the Burmese.
  • But we didn’t see the Buddha. We went to see the temple’s bathroom.


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