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Getting out of Thailand

Posted by Heliocentrism on May 21, 2010

Explosions from downtown

Time to Say Goodbye

I think it is time for Mark and me to leave Thailand. Things here are getting a little out of hand. It might not be dangerous for people who do not go near the protest areas, but I still want to go home.

Mark and I are going to try to head back to the US next week, but we have one small problem to deal with first. Our company finally got around to working on our visas. They gave me back my passport, but the company still has Mark’s.

This explosion is a 15 minute walk away from our apartment.

Yesterday, Mark called up the lady in charge of getting the visas processed and she told him that the office is closed and so is the building the office is in. The company’s headquarters is on the outskirts of the protest area.

We might have to get Mark a new emergency passport from the US Embassy. This will bring about a lot more complications.

1. The US Embassy is right in the middle of the protest area. But there is a temporary new location that is open from 8:00 to noon. We would have to make an appointment online before going down there.

2. Mark needs proof of citizenship. Something like a … passport? A birth certificate will do, but Mark was born in Korea. I hope that he has his naturalization papers here in Thailand. He’s still looking for them.

3. He might need to get a new Thai visa or have some other unforeseen problem(s).

Basically it would be a whole hell of a lot easier if we could just get into the building and get Mark’s current passport.

The building below is near the Siam Center that was bombed.

The explosion from the top photo was of this building.

4 Responses to “Getting out of Thailand”

  1. luadepapel said

    I really hope you two can sort out everything soon! Every time I see something on the news, I think of you. Be well, lady!


  2. Emilie said

    Hope everything works out for you, though I don’t think you should leave. You guys are such intrepid travelers! The worst is behind us here, at least for now, so hopefully even in the worst case scenario, the building will reopen and you’ll get to pick his regular passport up on Mon./Tues. Even an emergency passport can take up to 48 hours to process so it may not be worth the hassle and expense.

    Good luck.


  3. […] you might already know, we had some problems get Mark’s passport back. During the time the office was closed because of the protests, Mark’s visa had expired. The […]


  4. […] Bangkok was in political turmoil. Just about everyday some building was going up in smoke. I never felt unsafe, as long as I stayed […]


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