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Looking Down on Skyscrapers

Posted by Heliocentrism on August 18, 2010

August 4-6, 2010

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The Beta Shoe Museum

Girls’ Day

We came to Toronto because Mark had an interview there. So our first day in the city was Mark-less. My mom and I thought that it would be a great time to do all the things that would bore Mark to tears. We went shopping! But, to start the day and get us into the shopping mood, we made a stop at the Bata Shoe Museum to see the styles of shoes that have come and gone.

What should I try on next?

I learned something from my trip to the shoe museum. It was a question that had been on my mind for years. Why were high heels invented?

According to the museum, long, long ago, if you were a well to do, or some-what well to do guy, one sure way to boost your social standing was to have your daughter marry someone higher up on the social ladder than you. But there was so much competition. How was a guy to make his kid stand out among all the other homely girls?

Well, he could buy some ridiculously tall platform shoes and have her walk about town. It’s easy to stand out when you’re a good foot taller than everyone else.

The trend caught on. The platforms turned into heels. Women wore heels. Young girls wore heels. Men even started wearing them. Now, men don’t wear them so much, except for Prince and some drag queens.  But for women, heels are here to stay.

killer lift

Shopping was great. I was able to pick up a new suit that was on sale. I also found an Old Navy, my favorite store, and got a Canadian Old Navy T-shirt. My mom also found some deals and a milk shake.

Lunch High Up

 This time I’m going for it.

My mom said, “Before I leave Toronto I want to eat at the CN Tower.” My mom has been to Toronto many times before, but has always opted out of eating at the 360 Restaurant. In her earlier days, when she was putting her 3 kids through private school and college, the prices were too high for her.

But now she’s retired. Though she is not a billionaire, she had been saving her pennies and will now have a more than comfortable retirement. She also plans on having fun; hence the driving all over the earth with her nomadic daughter.

She treated Mark and me to lunch at the Tower. It was amazing. The food was great, but really, they could have served PB&J sandwiches and it would have been the most delicious thing at that height.

one of the most scariest photos I’ve ever taken

After the meal you can walk down to the observation deck and then to the level with the glass floor. There is no extra charge for it; it comes with the price of the meal. In fact, if you are going to pay about 23CAD per person for tickets you might as well pay 33CAD* per person and go to the restaurant. The view is really worth it.

* the cheapest lunch entrée at the time I visited

But I want to!

Tips for Touring Toronto

The car is holding you back. If you’re lucky, you can find a meter that gives you enough time. If you’re not, you will pay through the nose to park your car. The standard charge is 15CAD whether you’re parked all day or for 15 minutes. It’s better to leave the car at a metro station parking lot. Look at this website for your best financial and geographical options.

If there are enough of you in your group the subway might not be cheaper. Here are some other parking options.

Hotels in Toronto are really expensive. And to make things worse, they charge you to park there! Even at the Howard Johnson’s… So don’t stay in Toronto unless you have to. Drive an hour out of the city limits and find a more affordable hotel like a Motel 6.

All Pictures



How to get there:

You can enter Canada by land, air, or sea. But you’ll probably fly in unless you live near the border.

Go to the US and head north. Well, sometimes you will need to head south.

Needed Documents:

As a US citizen you will need either:

  1. a passport
  2. Passport Card
  3. Enhanced Driver’s License
  • Technically, you need one of these documents or just a passport to get into Canada, but in actuality the Canadian border control doesn’t always check them. You will need one to re-enter the US.  The US border control does a thorough check on each and everyone coming into the country.
  • Be prepared to wait in a long line to get back into the US.
  • You are not allowed to carry fruit from one country into the other.


  • Use 911 for the police, fire department, or to get an ambulance
  • Use 411 for information (This might cost money.)





  • It’s a big country. You’re going to need a car.

The Bata Shoe Museum

How to get there:

By Public Transportation –

  • Go to St. George subway station
  • Go south on Bedford Rd.
  • Turn right on Boor St.
  • It is on the corner of Boor and St. George St.


327 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON
M5S 1W7


  • (+1) 416-979-7799



  • 14 CAD    Adult
  • 12 CAD    Seniors (65+)
  •   8 CAD    Student with ID
  •   5 CAD    Kids 5-17 years old
  • 24 CAD   1 Adult with up to 4 kids under 18
  • 35 CAD   2 Adult with up to 4 kids under 18
  • Every Thursday between 17:00 – 20:00 admission is Pay-what-you-can (5 CAD is suggested)


  • 10:00 – 17:00 F-W
  • 10:00 – 20:00 Th


  • Wear socks. There is a room of interesting shoes to try on.

Eaton Mall
(Toronto Eaton Centre)

How to get there:

By Public Transportation –


220 Yonge Street Suite 110
Toronto ON M5B 2H1


  • (416) 598-8560



  • M-F 10:00 – 21:00
  • Sa 9:30  – 19:00
  • Su 11:00  – 18:00


The CN Tower

How to get there:

  • 43°38’33.2″N 79°23’13.4″W

By Public Transportation –

  • Go to Union Station
  • Walk west along Front Street or along the SkyWalk.


301 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6


  • (416) 868-6937



  • Dinner or lunch at the 360 Restaurant come with admission to the Observation Experience.
  • Make reservations if you plan to have dinner at the 360 Restaurant during the peak season.
  • You might not need reservations for lunch since most people come for dinner, but call just to make sure.


  • 9:00 – 23:00
  • Restaurant and Cafe are open at various time. Click link above for more details.


  • The restaurant, though not cheap, is not overly expensive.  Check out the menu online and see for yourself.
    • As with most restaurants, lunch is less expensive that dinner.
  • If you are going to pay to go up for the Observation Experience, you might as well pay 10CAD extra and have lunch at the 360 Restaurant.



2 Responses to “Looking Down on Skyscrapers”

  1. I have never been to Canada before. How was long the drive from DC? I want to at least see Niagara Falls. LOL @ Prince and his heels. I guess that was free advertisement for pimps in the 70s, the tallest one got the most business. It’s so cute to see your mom having a blast traveling with you. How did Mark’s interview go?


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