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Sherwood Forest is Real?

Posted by Heliocentrism on August 20, 2010

November 06-07, 2003

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My friends and I are completely lost in Sherwood Forest.

There’s a first time for everything

This trip was so long ago. I’ve forgotten most of the stuff we did. Almost all of the photos have been lost. But the trip had a lot of firsts for me.

This is the first trip I took after buying my first digital camera. It was is Sony DSC P9 . Now it seems like a huge camera for it’s capabilities, but back then was tiny. The camera I have now is bigger, but it can do a whole lot more.

Hunters love green; look at their sweaters!

This was the first backpacking trip I ever did. Well, it was more like backpacking lite. There was only one stop and the trip was only one weekend long. I did have a backpack, but it had wheels. It was a Field and Stream camping/ hunting bag my mom bought me from TJ Maxx, a store that goes by the name TK Maxx in the UK.

The carry-on I was taking to Manchester was packed beyond it’s recommended load. When I got to my sister, Audrey’s house one of my nephews, trying to be helpful, grabbed it by the handle to take it out of the car, causing it to break. The next day my mom went out and got me a new carry-on.

I didn’t want it at first. It was green and looked like a big backpack with wheels. I thought is was ugly and something only a hunter would like.

She used her reverse psychology on me. “Well if you don’t want it, I’ll buy it for myself because it’s a great bargain.” It only cost $25 which was another reason I didn’t want it. It’s amazing how picky I was back then when I didn’t have to pay for stuff.

She paraded “her new carry-on” around Audrey’s house. “Too bad your carry-on is broken. How are you going to manage with your layover in O’Hare?” After awhile the green Field and Stream bag didn’t look so bad. So what if people mistook me for a hunter!

I’m very grateful to Madou for breaking that carry-on so that I could get a backpack. It came in very useful over the years. But when I finally bought a decent backpack, I dumped that old bag. And I made sure that my new backpack was red. I’m a hunter no more!


This was also the first time I ever stayed in a hostel. Before, I’d always thought that they were filled with snoring Germans and guitar playing South Americans. But now I know that sometimes the South Americans snore too.

All Pictures


The United Kingdom

How to get there:

You can enter this country by land via an underwater tunnel, air, or sea.

Check with your local UK embassy for visa information.


  • Use 112 or 999 for the police, fire department, or to get an ambulance





How to get there:

You can get to Notthingham by train or bus.


Nottingham tourism centre

1-4 Smithy Row
Nottingham NG1 2BY


  • UK  08-444-77-5678
  • World  (+44)-115-915-5133



  • I took this trip a very long time ago and can’t remember a lot of what we did here.
  • I do remember that there was a very overpriced TGI Friday’s in this town.
    • They had buffalo wings, 5 pieces for 12GBP.
    • Life can be so cruel sometimes…

Midtown Hostel

How to get there:

  • Coordinates 52°57’14.9″N 1°08’48.1″W
  • Go to Market Square
  • Look up and find the tallest building with a flag at the top.


5A Thurland St.


  • +(44) 0115 94 101 50


e-mail: booking@midtownhostel.co.uk


  • Starting at 16GBP per person per night


  • Sometimes booking the hostel through www.hostelworld.com is cheaper than booking directly from the hostel.
  • I’m not sure if this is the hostel in which I stayed during my trip to Nottingham, but it looks like it. Even if it’s not, it is still a nice looking hostel.

Sherwood Forest

How to get there:

  • 53°12’10.5″N 1°03’49.1″W

The Sherwood Arrow bus service goes between Nottingham and Worksop. It stops at Edwinstowe which is a 5-10 minute walk to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Center.


Nottingham tourism centre

1-4 Smithy Row
Nottingham NG1 2BY


  • UK  08-444-77-5678
  • World  (+44)-115-915-5133
  • Visitor Information 01623 823202



  • Free
  • 3GBP to park, but parking is free if you spend 15GPB or more in any shop or restaurant.


  • 10:00- 17:00  Summer,
  • 10:30am – 16:30pm Winter


  • Be sure to see Major Oak.
    • They like to say that this was Robin Hood’s tree, if he did exist. But this is not possible.
    • Either way this is still a very old famous tree.
    • You cannot touch it.



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