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Posted by Heliocentrism on November 7, 2014

April 2014

Okayama Castle grounds

In early April this year, Mark’s company moved him from Okayama to Miyoshi. Okayama was a small city. There is nothing about Okayama that Mark and I will miss. We didn’t live here long enough to have any type of attachment to it.

It was a city and had all the things that most cities have. Those are the things that I will miss.

Our new town, Miyoshi is under all that fog

Miyoshi is a small town behind god’s back. There are few stores, only one hospital, and only two sushi restaurants. There is no Starbucks, but there is no traffic either.

I just need to dump this tissue…

Our recycling routine got a lot more complicated. In Okayama there were two bags, one for burnable things and one for non-burnable things. Here in Miyoshi there are 6 different recycling bags, plus strings for paper, and special drop off sites for things that cannot go into a bag. Then there is a horrible complicated schedule that involves knowing what number week of the month you are in.

Plastics and food trash are collected once and twice a week respectively. I pretty much have a handle on those. But our storage room is getting filled with cardboard boxes, paper, cans, glass and plastic bottles, and broken things because I keep forgetting to put things out on the 3rd Wednesday, 2nd Tuesday, or whatever. I’ve started taking the bottles to the grocery stores with the recycle bins rather than trying to remember when the collection days are.

Incense Ceremony

Miyoshi is still a nice little town, even if there isn’t much to do that’s not related to recycling.


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