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We have no A/C. We must find a beach!

Posted by Heliocentrism on December 5, 2014

Sunday, July 27 & Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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It’s so hot, our flowers need to lay down for a spell.

So hot!

At our new apartment, we have neither heater nor air conditioning. We moved in back in late March so it never bothered us. When it started to get hot we went over to our local used goods shop and bought 2 fans. They both have been doing a stellar job until last week when it became too hot for just fans.

We had started taking naps in the middle of the day because the heat drains our energy. I wake up earlier and earlier in the morning to exercise before it gets too hot. When Mark waters the plants all I want to do is run in front of the hose. I shower 3 times a day, just to cool off.

Shade and beach!

On Sunday, we got in our car, cranked the a/c all the way up, and headed to nearest beach. It was about 1 hour 45 minutes away. That’s really too far for a day at the beach. But, having no a/c at home make sitting an air-conditioned car for almost 2 hours seem like pure bliss.

When we got to the beach we set up our tarp. When I say, “we,” I mean Mark. I set out our blankets and cooler and poured us both some icy water while Mark fought with the tarp poles and stakes. You should have heard the horrible words that came out of that normally calm man’s mouth when a gust of wind blew the whole thing over.

Grilling in the shade

Once the tarp was up, we ran into the water to cool off before firing up the grill. Once again, Mark did all the work and I poured more cold water. This felt a lot better than staying home.

We sat under our tarp and talked about our plans for the rest of the week. Mark had to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I wanted to come back on the days he was not working. We had passed by a big temple on our way to the beach and I wanted to see that too.

Who tied that rope?

Temple for Lovers

The next day Mark went to Hiroshima for a company meetings. He mentioned to one of his fellow teachers that he was going to see Izumo-Taisha and she happened to also have plans to see it. She and a friend of hers were going to see it on Tuesday. They decided that we should all see it together.

Mark loves toriis!

The next day we meet under the main torii. As we waited for the ladies to show up I looked across the street to the first Starbucks I’d seen in months. I contemplated going over there to get a treat.

It’s odd. I’m not a coffeeholic. I’ve never visited Starbuck that often when I lived in a town that had many of them. In fact, I think their drinks are over priced and I only patronize Starbucks when I’m with other people who are going to Starbucks. But living in a town without a Starbucks makes me long for a frappucino.


The shrine is for a god named, Okuninushi no Okami. He not only made all of Japan, but as a deity, he is in charge of couples and marriage. If you need help finding that someone special or keeping that someone special, apparently this is the place to go.

We walked around and took as many photos of stuff as we could in the heat. After about an hour of the temple we were tired and over heated. It was very pretty, but I really could have used a mister.

We left the shrine and walked down the main street of the little town we were in. We were on the hunt for ice cream. If you keep walking down towards the torii in town you will find a cafe that sells mango ice cream that you can eat indoors in air-conditioned splendor.

Boards of Wishes

After this we headed to the beach for barbecue and a dip in the water. It was a great day!

All Pictures


How to get there:

You can enter Japan by plane or boat. Though, the number of boats going to Japan from other countries has gone down significantly.   Americans get 90-day visas to Japan at the port of entry. Check with your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate for visa information.







  • Be careful what over the counter drugs you bring into Japan.  Actifed, Sudafed, Vicks inhalers, and Codeine are prohibited.
  • InternationalATMs are really hard to find; more so if you aren’t in a big city. Many places in Japan do not use credit cards. Take cash and call your bank toaskwhatATMs or banks in Japan will work with your cash card.
    • ATMs have opening hours. Usually 9:00-18:00 (They have better work hours than most business men and women here.)
    • The Post Office bank seems to work with most cards.
  • You can get a Japan Railway, pass which saves you a lot of money on the trains, but you can only buy it before you get to Japan and you cannot be a resident of Japan. (I don’t have more information about it because I’ve only ever lived in Japan. I’ve never been a tourist.)

Kizuki Seaside Park

How to get there:

  • Coordinates 35°23’32.7″N 132°40’26.3″E


〒699-0751 島根県出雲市大社町杵築西


  • 0853-53-3113



  • Free Park
  • Free Access
  • Hot Showers – ¥100/ 3 minute


  • Always available


  • The beach is not the best beach in the world. It could really do with a trash crew coming by once a week to pick up the flotsam and jetsam that gets washed up on shore.
  • But, it is free and has plenty of parking!


How to get there:

  • Coordinates 35°24’07.3″N 132°41’07.8″E


島根県出雲市大社町杵築東195 出雲大社社務所内

195 Kitsukihigashi, Taisha-machi, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken


  • +81 0853-53-3100




  • sengu@izumooyashiro.or.jp


  • Entrance – free
  • If you can get ¥45 worth of coins to stick in or on the straw rope (the rope in the photo above), you will have good luck.


  • Always open


  • This is a temple for the god of marriage.
  • When you pray at this temple, you should clap 4 times instead of the normal 2 times; 2 claps for you and 2 claps for your love or future love.
  • No one knows how old this temple is, but it’s pretty old.
    • Some think it’s the oldest shrine in Japan.
    • There is record of its existence way back in the early  700s.


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