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One World in One Lifetime


Welcome to my blog!

This is where you can read about my trips, find information to plan your own trip, look at travel pictures, and read my advice.

I grew up in the US Virgin Islands. Since then I’ve lived in Ohio, Florida, the D.C. area, Manchester and London, England, Togane, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Bangkok, Thailand and now I’m back in Japan.

I travel. I love to travel. In fact I’d say that I’m addicted to traveling. The job that I have at any given time is only a means to get me another “fix”.

Me in Bamboo

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. This blog is so awesome!! I feel like an old woman saying this, but I’m so proud of you. LOL. It was great hanging out with you and Mark tonight. Y’all are a great couple. This is Janel by the way, in case you don’t get this for six months cause you are to busy traveling and have no idea who you had dinner with and when.


  2. Anonymous said

    hey I’m doing some work for school so can you plz tell me the name of the person who made this wed site Plz!!!


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