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About the Blogger

I grew up in the US Virgin Islands. Since then I’ve lived in Ohio, Florida, the D.C. area, Manchester and London, England, Togane, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Bangkok, Thailand and now I’m back in Japan.

I travel. I love to travel. In fact I’d say that I’m addicted to traveling. The job that I have at any given time is only a means to get me another “fix”.

Me in Bamboo

About the Editor


6 Responses to “About the Blogger”

  1. Dietmar said

    Hi Josie,

    I read about your trip in May. This blog is absolutely phantastic! Great!!


    • withbackpack said



  2. Julija (fulham) said

    Hi Josie! Amazing blog!!!Happy for you!x


    • withbackpack said

      Hey, how have you been? Are you still in London?


      • Julija said

        Yes, im still in London, got married and my son Dylan is 7 month old:)


  3. stephanie said

    hi came across this looking for info on busses in the keys US haha .
    o my g i love your site …..totally.
    i love to travel as well. wish i could put it down and help others like you awesome.you put down the most imp.
    MAPS.i am going on a crosscountry trip in US, also on budget with tent ,car …yeah finally off again.
    thanks i will check in and read ur info


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