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Camping in Korea

Do I need to bring my own tent and camping equipment?

This is hit or miss. Many campsites have tents to rent, but only rent them at certain times of the year. My advice is, unless you have reservations for a tent, then bring your own.

Where can I buy a tent and camping equipment?

Inexpensive tents and equipment can be bought only in the summer and late spring at the big grocery stores like Lotte Mart, E-Mart, and Home Plus. They sell generic and name brand stuff at low to mid-ranged prices. The 4-person tent in the picture above cost 39,990 KRW ($35).

When camping season is over you will have to go to specialized camping store for overpriced gear.

Do I have to bring my own food when I go camping?

Never. You just can’t go hungry in Korea. There is a 7-eleven and Family Mart around every corner. Even at the most remote campsites you will find a convenience store at the gate or even in the park along with a couple of restaurants.

What do I HAVE to bring?

Anything you think you would need and would rather not have to buy at a 7-eleven like, bug spray, a towel, flash light, basic first aid kit, toothbrush…

You might need a sweater, long pants, and socks to sleep in when it gets a little colder. Even when it’s hot, sometimes it gets cold and night.

Money or an ATM card. You’ll need cash to pay to get into the park, but there is a 7-eleven and Family Mart around every corner.

Where are the campsites?

Good question! Ask your friends or co-workers. Many campsites have web-pages, but it’s usually not in English and not very informative. Most of the time they just have a number to call.

Look for blogs. Search this blog. Leave questions for posters. Good luck!

Gangwon Provence


Seoul Campsites


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