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New Delhi

Posted by Heliocentrism on November 15, 2017

July 29–31, 2017

By the time we got to Delhi, I was still a little sick and Mark was getting worse. Generally, Mark is less of a baby than I am, so even while sick Mark can go out and do things, though he would prefer to sit or lay down and nap. We had 3 days in Delhi, the day we arrive, one whole day, and the day we left. So we decide not to do anything on the first and last day; we would just rest on those days. But the day in the middle we just had to see something or do something in Delhi.

Look at me; I’m the tuk-tuk driver now!

The middle day, we hired a tuk-tuk driver. We weren’t planning to, he just talked himself down to a reasonable price. And, since Mark was sick we thought it would be better to have one guy drive us around all day rather than having to negotiate on each leg of the day’s journey.

(BTW: What Mark had could now be called Delhi Belly, because of his geographical location.)

I’m sure this man thought that he was selling himself short when he dropped his price down so we wouldn’t walk away. But after we asked to be taken back a little after noon and still paid the full day’s fare like we had agreed, he didn’t feel so bad.

 We only went to 3 or 4 places. Most of which, we got out of the tuk-tuk for 3 minutes, took a quick photo, and then got back in. I actually like riding around in the tuk-tuk especially once we left downtown Delhi. It felt good to be outdoors and moving around without having to exert any energy.

Of course our tuk-tuk driver tried to take us to a textile and craft shop, but we refused to go inside. He was in the middle of telling us why we should just go in and look around when Mark made a retching noise and stuck his head out the tuk-tuk. Not wanting any vomit in his vehicle, the driver took us home without any further delays. But, before he left us, he made us promise we would call him so he could take us to the airport the next day. We didn’t.

At the airport trying to make up for all the sight-seeing we missed in Delhi

The next day we went to the airport to get a flight to Paris. We were really looking forward to Paris’ over-the-counter medicine.

(Republic of India)

How to get there:

You can enter India by plane, train, bus, or boat.

The question of visas are a little hard to answer. There are conflicting options online. Some sources say most people can get a visa on arrival, other’s saying you can’t.

  • I recommend getting an e-visa before you go.
  • If you get a visa from the embassy or consulate on your country, just know that the visa process might be outsourced to  Cox & Kings Global Services.


  • Emergency Numbers:
    • Police 100
    • Ambulance 102
    • Emergency 108
    • Women help line 1091






  • Watch out for touts.
  • Be wary of anyone being too nice or helpful. They are usually, but not always, looking for a way to get your money.


Basic Information




  • info@akshardham.com


  • Entrance is free, but a donation is asked.
    • Some exhibits cost money to enter
    • All the exhibits combined cost a little over 200 rupees.
  • Parking is not free.
    • If you have hired a driver to wait for you, you may have to pay for his parking.
  • The cloak room is free, but there is a deposit.


  • 9:30 – 18:00
  • Opening Times for different areas vary



  • There are many areas to this complex.
  • All the restaurants inside are vegetarian.
  • There is a long list of things you cannot bring:
    • phones
    • cameras
    • usb drives
    • music device
    • electronics
    • weapons
    • umbrellas
    • luggage
    • toys
    • pets
    • food or drinks
    • tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
  • There is a dress code.
    • Make sure to cover shoulders, navel, forearms, and knees.
    • A short sleeve shirt and Capri pants will do.

Lotus Temple

Basic Information



  • Free
  • Free Parking


  • 1st October to 31st March: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Last Entry 5.00 pm. For winter)
  • 1st April to 30th September : 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Last Entry 6.30 pm. For summer)
  • Closed Mondays



  • You cannot take photos inside the temple, but unlike Akshardham, no one will take your camera or cell phone from you.
    • It’s done on the honor system.


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