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Posted by Heliocentrism on July 5, 2018

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

We spent a day in Gdansk. This is a port city in northern Poland. Throughout history the city went back and forth between being Gdansk, a Polish city, and being Danzig, a German city. We walked through the beautiful city while it rained off and on. It was quite a dreary day.

I came all this way and you guys are napping… Where’s your fountain?

A lot of the things we wanted to see were outside. Like the Lion fountain in the photo above, many of the sights were turned off, under repair, or disappointing in other ways. What made things worse, Gdansk seemed to have been in a data dead spot. Neither Mark’s or my sim card worked consistently in this city.

We couldn’t explain why we had no internet connection. But, that meant we didn’t have access to my online maps or information. There were some street oddities that we just couldn’t find because of our lack of an online map.

Because of that and the rain we were ready to head home before lunch. We found an indoor restaurant with wifi and ordered food. We got directions to get us back to the train station. But, after lunch we came up with one last plan of action.

What did people do before the internet when they got to a new town? They found a Tourist Information Office and read some brochures. So, that’s what we tried.

a replica of Mussolini’s Fascistmobile

At the information office we were told that the World War II Museum was open and, on Tuesdays, it was free. An activity that was free and indoors seemed perfect for a rainy day in Gdansk. It was just a 15 minute walk from where we were.

The museum was amazing. It was informative. It was educational. It had a great audio guide. It was huge. We slowly went through the many sections and rooms of the museum. There was so much to learn.

One of the many scenes we walked through

We were a little past the halfway point of our museum tour when Mark noticed the time. It was almost 18:00. The last train to Warsaw would leave at 19:00. We had lost track of time. We ran through the rest of the museum and headed to the train station. We got there with a good 10 minutes to spare.

In the end, it was a good day in Gdansk.


How to get there:


  • 112 – emergency, ambulance, and fire but also
  •  999 for ambulance
  • 998 for fire brigade
  • 997 for police







  • Poland is in Europe, but things aren’t expensive.
    • And, they don’t Euros; they use Zloty.

The Museum of Second World War

Basic Information



  • free on Tuesdays
  • 23 zł
  • Audioguide – 5 zł


  • 10:00 – 19:00
  • Closed Mondays



  • It’s a very good museum.
  • It’s very thorough.
  • Mark and I nearly missed our train because we lost track of time in this place.

Don’t Miss:



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