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Fish and a Movie: The count down to Thailand

Posted by Heliocentrism on November 23, 2009

November 22, 2009

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Care for a snack?

This is the end, my only friend, the end

November 24, 2009, will be the start of my last week in Korea. Mark, though his contract isn’t over, is on vacation. His last contracted weeks will be spent on vacation which will end on the day we leave Korea.

So we are doing any and everything we ever wanted to do while in Korea but haven’t gotten around to yet. Yesterday, it was number 8 on my list and number 6 on Marks.


My #8. Dr. Fish

A friend of ours told Mark about a Dr. Fish place in Incheon she visited once. She told us it was near a “book cafe”. Mark and I walked along the street away from the Arts Center station and towards the Shinsegae. There was a Dr. Fish sign to our left. It said, “Dr. Fish Coffee Bread.” We thought it was two signs really close together. It wasn’t.

We went to the 3rd floor and didn’t see a Dr. Fish place. Annoyed because Korea seems to be filled with many misleading signs, we went into the coffee shop to complain to each other about Korea’s many misleading signs. In the corner was the Dr. Fish pool.

The place was really crowded, but no one seemed interested in sticking their feet into the fishy pond. What appeared to be the main attraction was the free bread. You can take as much bread as you like, but you only get 1 gram of butter and 3 grams of jam.

Mark’s #6. DVD Bang (DVD )

I’ll be completely honest with you. DVD bangs are the places that teenagers and cheap adults go to make-out or have sex. I mean, look at the sofa in the room. It’s really a bed… a leather bed.

But, Mark had never been in one and we are leaving in a week. How could we leave Korea without trying one out? …without blogging about one? We picked Valkere as our movie. Meh…

It’s like watching at home, except way more expensive.

DVD bangs are easily found all over Korea. It isn’t cheaper than a movie theater, but that’s not really the point, now is it? It cost about 15,000KRW for the room. That’s about the price of 2 movie tickets. So if there are 3 of you then it would be cheaper than going to the movies. But the room is small.

It does feel a little creepy sitting in a tiny “make-out room” and the leather sofa doesn’t help. But it’s nice to be able to watch any movie on demand. It kind of reminds me of something… Oh, my DVD player at home.

So what are the reasons to use a DVD room when you aren’t a horny teenager or cheating on your spouse when you should be at work? Well, there are a few:

  • You have to wait for about 1.5 hours.
  • You need to take a 1.5 hour nap.
  • You really love leather sofas, but your spouse or parent won’t let you have one.
  • You need to have some alone time. (Scratch that. It sounds too weird.)


Cheap Movie Tickets

To get a half price movie ticket, just show up at a theater before 9:00 or 10:00 am. Most theaters are only open for morning-half-price movies on the weekends, but some have them on the weekdays too. On the weekends, it’s best to buy your early morning movie tickets the day before. They tend to get sold out or reserved by Koreans online. On weekdays you might be the only one in the theater.

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South Korea

How to get there:

  • You can enter by plane, boat, or train, though entry by train is rare if not damn impossible for most non-presidents of North or South Korea.
  • Most citizens from many countries do not need to get a visa before going to South Korea.
  • People of most nationalities will get a 90-day visa at the airport or ferry port.
  • To be completely sure, check with the Korean embassy in your country.






  • Korea is a generally safe country. You don’t really have to watch out for pickpockets,muggers, or scam artists.
    • You should watch out when crossing the streets, beware of scooters on the sidewalk, and the little old ladies that will push you to get that last seat on the bus or subway.
  • Use common sense and you will be okay.
  • Things are generally inexpensive and there are many wonderful things to buy.

Enjoy Korea! I live there for 2 years and had a fantastic time.

Book & Spa Cafe
(Dr. Fish Coffee Bread)

How to get there:




  • 4,000KRW for the Dr. Fish (about 4UDS)
  • Way too much for drinks
  • Bread, plain coffee, and liquid sugar are free. But, who wants that when there are lattes to be had?


  • Sun – Thur 10:30 – 1:00
  • Fri – Sat 10:30 – 2:00


  • Be prepared to be stared at if you do the doctor fish thing. Most people don’t want to do it, they just like ogling the few who do.


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