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No Bus!

Posted by Heliocentrism on November 28, 2009

November 26, 2009

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No! You took all the good bits of a boyfriend and just left the head.

The Maddening Buses!!!

My mistake was this. I wanted to see Mini-mini Land, then the Trick Art Museum, then the Chocolate Museum. I looked at my map and the bus route information and thought that it could be done.

We would take the bus from gate 7 to Minimini Land then walk to Sangumburi. After that we would take a bus that left from gate 3 to the Trick Art Museum then catch that same bus to Pyoseon. From there we would catch the gate 4 bus to Seogwipo City bus terminal then get on the gate 11 bus to somewhere near the Chocolate Museum, then get a taxi the rest of the way.

I’ve never trusted that Snow White.

Everything was going well until we got to somewhere near Seogwipo. I’m not sure where we stopped. The bus driver told us that it was our stop and we needed to change buses to get near the Chocolate Museum. But when we got off and asked what bus to take next, everyone told us, “NO BUS!”

I’m not sure what was going on. Because a bus driver before told us that we would have “3 changee” which is what I worked out also by looking at my map and bus info. But at that one stop, no one wanted to help us.

Stop asking me for directions!

The man at the ticket counter couldn’t understand my English map. He pulled out a Korean map for me to show him where I wanted to go. I kept my English map open for me to compare the two and find the location on his map. But he kept pushing my English map aside and tried to knock it out of my hands. He seemed to have gotten annoyed and just shouted, “NO BUS”. After that, no one was very helpful. Later a new bus driver showed up and we asked him. He pointed out the bus that we should take. But by then it was too late. The museum closed at 5:00 pm.

All this could have been avoided if only there were a bus map and the buses had numbers. The island is too big to take taxis around. Most tourists just sign up for bus tours, but you don’t have much control over what you see and do with your time. I don’t like bus tours.

Mark in the mirror

If you go to Jeju, I recommend one of two things:

1. Rent a car.

2. Pick one bus per day. See all the stuff on that bus route and never change buses. And remember that most buses stop running around 21:00.

I also think that whenever you find a free map, you should take it no matter what language it is in. There are tons of attractions on this island and they can’t all fit on any one map. So every map leaves out many things.

Since I’ve spent most of this blog entry giving bus information and wining about the lack of bus route maps I think I should post some videos. This is to show that we did have loads of fun, when we weren’t waiting for buses.


The Trick Art Museum:

All Pictures

South Korea

How to get there:

  • You can enter by plane, boat, or train, though entry by train is rare if not damn impossible for most non-presidents of North or South Korea.
  • Most citizens from many countries do not need to get a visa before going to South Korea.
  • People of most nationalities will get a 90-day visa at the airport or ferry port.
  • To be completely sure, check with the Korean embassy in your country.






  • Korea is a generally safe country. You don’t really have to watch out for pickpockets,muggers, or scam artists.
    • You should watch out when crossing the streets, beware of scooters on the sidewalk, and the little old ladies that will push you to get that last seat on the bus or subway.
  • Use common sense and you will be okay.
  • Things are generally inexpensive and there are many wonderful things to buy.

Enjoy Korea! I live there for 2 years and had a fantastic time.

Jeju Island

How to get there:

  • 33°30’26.8″N 126°29’32.8″E

From Seoul or Incheon:

  • By Boat fromthePortofIncheon
    • Depending on the time of year the fare to Jeju by boat will be cheaper than flying. But for us, traveling in the non-peak season for air travel, it was almost double the price of a cheap flight.
    • Cost: about 65,000KRW  one-way or more depending of the accommodations
    • Phone: 721-2173
  • ByPlanefromGimpo Airport
    • The best way to find cheap flights is to go wikipedia, look up the airport of your destination (Jeju International Airport) , find out what airlines fly there and from where. Then go down the list of airlines. Check out their website for flights costs. It doesn’t hurt to check out a few flight search engines like orbitz or priceline. We got our tickets from JejuAir with the help of a Korean speaker. They were less than 200,000KRW for 2 round trip tickets.

From outside Korea:


  • Public transportation on Jeju Island is a real pain. Rent a car or scooter or bring a really interesting book.
  • Even though it is called the Hawaii of Korea, it is not warm there in the winter.

Gimpo Airport

to get there:

  • 37°33’31.2″N 126°47’40.0″E

From Seoul

  • By Subway:
    • It’s easy, just go to Gimpo Airport subway station. If you live anywhere near a line 9 station, then you can take advantage of the express train to Gimpo.
  • By Bus:
    • All the airport limosine to Incheon Airport from Seoul stops at Gimpo Airport. Just look out for the bus stops with a plane on them. These buses cost 8,000KRW without a T-money card and 7,500KRW with one.



  • Gimpo Airport is not even close to being as nice as Incheon airport.
  • There is a movie theater over at the international terminal, but there is not much to do or eat once you go past the security check.
  • Make sure to eat before you go past the security check. There is a restaurant inside but every time I’ve seen it, it was either not opened yet, already closed, or there was nothing decent to eat.

Jeju City Bus Terminal

How to get there:

  • 33°29’58.9″N 126°30’53.7″E

From the Airport:

  • Take the #100 city bus.
  • They use the English word for “terminal” so when the stop is near you will hear the word in English.
  • You can use your T-Money card on all public buses on this island.


Jeju IntercityTerminal
2441 Ora 1-dong, Jeju City


Yeha Guesthouse

How to get there:

  • 33°29’59.7″N 126°31’33.9″E
  • by taxi: 3 minutes from Jeju Airport (3,000KRW)
  • by bus:
    • take the #100, get off at Jeju bus terminal.
    • From there, it is a 3 minute walk. Just go straight in the direction the bus was going.
    • You will cross a little bride.
    • After you pass the intersection after the bridge look out for the guesthouse on your right.
    • You will have to cross a parking lot to get to it.
  • fromJeju Port Terminal:
    • Take the #92 bus (1,000KRW),
    • get off at the Jungangno crossroads near the KB bank.
    • Then transfer to the #100 bus (1,000KRW)
    • get off at Jeju Bus Terminal.
    • From there, it is a 3 minute walk. Just go straight in the direction the bus was going.
    • You will cross a little bride.
    • After you pass the intersection after the bridge look out for the guesthouse on your right.
    • You will have to cross a parking lot to get to it.


Yeha Guesthouse 561-17, Samdo 1-dong Jeju-si, Jeju Island


  • +82-64-713-5505


E-Mail: yehaguesthouse@hotmail.com


  • It’s way better than staying at a love motel.
  • It comes with free breakfast,
  • free internet,
  • free wireless internet,
  • free laundry,
  • free international phone calls,
  • free use of the kitchen…
  • Most of all, it’s clean.
  • If you book your stay through hostelworld you’ll get lower rates.

Mini Mini Land

How to get There:

  • 33°26’00.1″N 126°40’28.0″E
  • From Jeju City Bus Terminal go to gate 7.
  • The bus driver will tell you where to get off if he knows where you’re going.


  • 6,000KRW


  • 8:30-19:30


  • 064-782-7720


The displays are supposed to be tourist attractions from around the world, but they had a hard time sticking to the theme.


How to get there:


  • 3,000KRW


  • Mar 1 – Jul 14     9:00 – 18:00
  • Jul 15 – Aug 31  9:00 – 19:00
  • Sept 1 – oct 31    9:00 – 18:00
  • Nov 1 – Feb 28   9:00 – 17:00


  • 064-783-9900



Like most things in Korea, this involves hiking up a hill. But don’t worry it’s not a very big hill.

The Trick Art Museum

How to get there:

  • This museum is near the Seong Folk Village.
  • Take the bus from gate 7 or 3 from Jeju City bus terminal.

From Sangumburi


  • 8,000KRW


  • Your photos will look better if you turn off your flash.


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