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Narita Airport

As it is known in Japan: 成田国際空港 Narita Kokusai Kūkō

Airport website

Is Narita Airport the only airport around Tokyo?

No. But it is the biggest. The other airport that services Tokyo is Haneda.

Is Narita Airport in Tokyo?

No. As it’s name implies, it is in the town of Narita.

How can I get to and from the airport and Tokyo?

You can take a train. The faster the trip and the less transfers you will have, the more money it will cost you.

You also can take a bus or airport limousine. This costs about ¥3000 (30USD).

The easiest and most expensive option is a taxi. This will cost you a ton of money and you might get stuck in traffic. I don’t recommend it unless you are made of money and have lots of time on your hands.

Is pre-check in sleeping allowed?


How about post check-in sleeping?

You can usually find some quiet part of the airport. Try going all the way to the end of  the terminal.

There are also day rooms with beds that you can rent by the hour. They are open 7:00 to 21:00 and come in double or twin. The cost is 1,000YEN (10USD) the first hour and 500YEN every hour after that for the double and 1,600YEN (16USD) for the first hour and 800YEN after that for the twin.

Can I take a shower there?

Yes. There are showers both before and after passport control.

The facilities are open from 7:00 to 21:00 and costs 500YEN for 30 minutes. They are located near the day-rooms.

How is the food?

It’s ok, and kind of expensive.

Is there free wireless internet or any pay internet computers?

The wireless internet is not free.

There are pay internet computers, but sometimes they are hard to find. They are coin operated and cost 100YEN (1USD) for 10 minutes.

Are there lockers or at least a left luggage place?

I didn’t see any lockers, but there are many left luggage places. It’s open from 6:300 to 22:00. It cost us 600YEN to leave 2 pieces of luggage for the time Mark and I spend in Tokyo, which was about 8 hours.

And yes, they charge you by the piece. So, if you can, stuff one bag in another.

Can I rent a cell phone at the airport?

Yes. There are many cell phone rental places. Most open at 7:00 and close at 21:00.

Are there any post offices at the airport?

Yes. They are open 9:00 to 17:00 every non-holiday weekday.

What is the phone number or website for lost and found?


Is there anything special about this airport?

Large suitcases are not allowed on the subway. If you are not Japanese, you might be able to get away with taking 1 big suitcase if you are headed out to the suburbs.

If you are going to downtown Tokyo during any of the peak hours for subway commuting you should not bring your suitcases on the train.There are luggage delivery services that will take your suit cases to your home or hotel.


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