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8 Responses to “Travel Tips”

  1. anne said

    How I can get to Vientiane by air-continel bus? And how much does it take? and cost?


  2. anne said

    So, how can I get to Vientiane from Bangkok by air-contined bus? and how much it costs and takes the time? And from which station it lives, how can I found the bus station?


    • withbackpack said

      Hey Anne,

      You can take a public bus from Mochit Bus Terminal. I’m not sure how much it costs, but I think it should be around 700THB for a 1st class bus, 350 for a 2nd class bus. You will need to have a visa for Laos to take the bus to Vietiane.

      If you do not have a visa for Loas you can take the bus to Nong Khai then get your visa at the boarder. That’s what I did. That bus ride (to Nong Khai) is 10 hours long. So, the bus to Vietiane would be longer that that.

      You can check out my blog entry: https://withbackpack.wordpress.com/2009/12/27/laos/

      Enjoy your trip!


  3. Nick said

    Just wanted to say this is a brilliant and informative site. I am living in Korea and rarely travel away from the block I live in. I plan to visit some of the places you highlight. I have added your link to my blog. Thanks.


  4. Emilie said

    So, uh, if I wanted to watch that video from Khao Yai, would there be a way to do so, given that Sony has apparently blocked it due I guess to the music content?

    Miss you guys! Hope you are having good new adventures.

    – Emilie


    • withbackpack said

      I’m working on that. Well actually Mark is. We’re don’t have internet right now, so there isn’t much we can do. But soon our internet should be up and running and We’ll change the songs.


    • withbackpack said

      You can watch it, but you have to click the “watch it on youtube” button.


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