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As it is known in Korean: 김포국제공항/ Gimpo Gook-sae-gong-hang

Airport website

Is Gimp Airport the only airport around Seoul?

No.  The other airport that services Seoul is Incheon. Incheon is more for world-wide international flights. Gimpo is more for going to nearby countries like China or Japan.

Is Gimpo Airport in Seoul?

No. As it’s name implies, it is in Gimpo which is in the city of Incheon.

How can I get to and from the airport and Seoul/Incheon?

There are 3 main ways of leaving the airport.

1. The Metro – It’s pretty easy and not expensive. ₩10,000/ 10USD is more than enough to get anywhere.

2. A bus – This is also pretty easy. It will cost about ₩8,500 for most trips or less if you have a T-money card. You can get a T-money card at any convenience store, even the one at the airport. The cheapest ones cost about ₩3,000 (3USD) for the card itself plus however much money you put on the card. You can pay more and get a fancy-smancy one, like the one I have which can be use as a mirror.

3. A Taxi – It doesn’t matter what those taxi drivers say. This is the most expensive option. Plus you will most likely get stuck in traffic.

Is pre-check in sleeping allowed?

This airport closes at midnight, but can go to a  jjimjilbang near the airport. Just ask at the information desk. The jjimjilbang should cost no more that ₩15,000 (15USD) per person per night. But if you go, you might want to leave most of your luggage at a locker at the airport.

How about post check-in sleeping?

It is very unlikely that you will have an overnight transfer at this airport. So I’m just going to go ahead and say “no” on this one.

You wouldn’t want to spend the night at this crummy airport anyway.

Can I take a shower there?


How is the food?

Eat before you go through passport control. There is a so-called restaurant, but it’s not great and it closes around 18:00 or 19:00.

Is there free wireless internet or any pay internet computers?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t count on it.

Are there lockers or at least a left luggage place?

Yes. It is open from 06:00 to the time of the last flight in the international and domestic terminals on the first floor.

Here are the phone numbers:

international terminal – 82-2-2665-4885

domestic terminal – 02-2666-1054

You might also be able to use the  locker at  Gimpo Subway Station. It will be open from 5:30, when the station opens to about midnight, when it closes.

Can I rent a cell phone at the airport?

Yes. The desks are open from 10:00 to 22:00 in the international terminal on the first floor. Here are the phone number of the companies.

  • TELSK 02-2662-4601
  • KTF 02-2666-5168
  • LG 2665-1020

Are there any post offices at the airport?

Yes. One is in the domestic terminal on the second floor. The opening hours are 9:00 t0 18:00.


What is the phone number or website for lost and found?

Lost and Found is open from 6:00 to 23:00 and the phone number is 82-2-2660-4097.

Is there anything special about this airport?

There is a movie theater in the airport before passport control. It is in the international terminal on the third floor. It is open from 10:00 to 22:00. Here is the phone number, 1544-1121.


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