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As it is known in Korean: 인천국제공항/ Incheon Gook-sae-gong-hang

Airport website

Is Incheon Airport the only airport around Seoul?

No. But it is the biggest. The other airport that services Seoul is Gimpo. Incheon is more for world wide international flights. Gimpo is more for going to nearby countries like China or Japan.

Is Incheon Airport in Seoul?

No. As it’s name implies, it is in the city of Incheon.

How can I get to and from the airport and Seoul/Incheon?

There are 3 main years of leaving the airport.

1. The Metro – It’s pretty easy and not expensive. ₩10,000/ 10USD is more than enough to get anywhere. (The subway even goes past Uijeonbu.)

2. A bus – This is also pretty easy. it will cost about ₩8,500 for most trips or less if you have a T-money card.

3. A Taxi – It doesn’t matter what those taxi drivers say. This is the most expensive option. Plus you will most likely get stuck in traffic.

Is pre-check in sleeping allowed?

Yes. It is a great place to sleep! It gets quiet at night and there is free wireless on some floors. Bring a jacket though; it gets cold.

How about post check-in sleeping?

You can usually find a quiet place at gates that aren’t being used.

There are also hotels after passport control.

Can I take a shower there?

Yes. In fact there are free showers. You can pay for towels and/or shower supplies, but if you bring your own it’s completely free. All the showers are after passport control, though.

How is the food?

The food is not too expensive on the lower floors of the airport. There is a Kraze Burger and some other stuff. The restaurants on the top floor are overpriced. After passport control, you have more restaurant options.

Is there free wireless internet or any pay internet computers?

Yes to both. From time to time SK or LG or some other internet provider in Korea will offer free internet computer to give you a chance to check out their new products. So walk around before and after passport control.

Are there lockers or at least a left luggage place?


Can I rent a cell phone at the airport?


Are there any post offices at the airport?


What is the phone number or website for lost and found?


Is there anything special about this airport?

This is the bestest airport in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!

When in Korea, get a T-money card. It will save you some money on transportation and it’s very convenient. You can use it to pay for the metro, buses, and cabs in Seoul, Incheon, and other cities in Korea.


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