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Rules for safe, enjoyable, and less expensive travel:

  1. Never take a taxi to or from an airport.
    • It’s very expensive.
    • Instead, take a hotel shuttle, the subway, a bus, Uber, walk, call a friend, take a bus somewhere then hail a cab, anything else!
    • If you must get a taxi, hire one through your hotel or hostel.
  2. Eat local food.
    • Otherwise, your food might be expensive and/ or undelicious.
    • If you’re going to break a rule, this one is the least detrimental to break.
  3. Pack light.
    • The longer your travel the less stuff you will wish you had brought.
    • Remember that people live where you are going. The things you really need will be for sale in some store there.
    • The last sentence is negated if you are going to a desert. In that case, bring everything.
  4. Always, always, always, bring a swimsuit.
    • Even if you’re going to the desert.
  5. Make sure you have the correct time.
    • When you land at an airport, set your watch.
  6. Carry extra camera batteries.
    • Charge all your batteries.
  7. If a stranger is being too nice to you, watch out.
    • Of course, you will make friends with people you meet while traveling, but be on guard when someone is being unreasonably friendly.
      • This is especially true if they “happen to know someone” from wherever you are from.
    • Don’t follow anyone anywhere that has very few people, is not well lit, or looks suspicious.
    • If you have a gut feeling about something, leave.
      • It’s better to be rude and safe, than to be polite and harmed or robbed.
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