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Jam Jin Ferry Terminal


From Seoul, go toIncheon Airport. To get to the airport you can either take the airport limousine (a bus that goes directly to the airport, in case you don’t know) which costs about 8,000KRW depending on where you get on or take the subway and transfer to the airport line. The airport line is a bit more expensive than the other subway lines. It costs about 4,500KRW to use. You can use your T-money card on both the airport subway line and the airport limousine for a discount.

In the future Incheon Airport will not be the last stop. They are building a new parking lot and the line will someday end there. But until they do, you will have to get off at Incheon Airport and walk over to the departures and arrival area.

Go to the 3rd floor and stand between sections 5 & 6. You can use your T-money card to take bus #222 to the Jam Jin Ferry Terminal (잠진도산작천). This bus comes by once an hour and it will be beyond packed during the summer.

There is heavy traffic during the peak season so if when you get to the little bridge, the bus isn’t moving much, get out and walk. You’ll get to the ferry faster.

The ferry to Muuido cost 3,000KRW for individuals and 20,000KRW for cars. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the car. The trip is free coming back.

Make sure to have a 1,000KRW note for the bus ride to the beach and another one to come back to the ferry. The bus on Muuido island doesn’t give change and you can’t use your T-money card.


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