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Bangkok Vientiane Bus

Bangkok – Vientiane Bus

I’ve haven’t taken the bus from Bangkok to Vientiane, though I know how to get this bus. First off, before you buy a ticket for this bus, you must have a valid visa for Laos. I don’t know why, but this is what I found in my research.

To get the Bangkok-Vientiane bus just go to Mochit Bus Terminal. Ask the person at the information desk for the correct counter. I’m not sure about the price, but I expect that it would be around the same price as the bus to Nong Khai, maybe a little more.

The bus will drop you off at the bus terminal in downtown Vientiane.

Nong Khai – Vientiane Shuttle

Bangkok – Nong Khai Bus

If you do not have a visa for Laos, just get the bus to Nong Khai and follow the directions below.

Nong Khai

  • ride:          10 hours
  • cost:         700THB 1st class; 350THB 2nd class
  • leaves: ?
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  21:00
  • Notes:
    • 1st class bus – w/ toilet & 3 seats to a row;
    • 2nd class bus – w/o toilet & 4 seats to a row

Once in Nong Khai buy a ticket on the shuttle as seen in the picture above. The prices and time are in the picture below.

Shuttle Schedule and fare

Try to get on the bus as soon as you get to the station because it gets very crowded. No one seems to think that there is a max capacity for the bus, so many people stand in the aisle or wherever they can fit. Mark and I were very unlucky to be among the last people to get on the bus. And, just when we thought there was no more space, they shoved about 5 more people aboard.

The bus makes two stops, one at the Thai border and again at the Laotian border before heading to the capital city. Make sure that the bus-guide knows to wait for you if you have to wait a long time in line.

On our trip the bus-guide wore a bright orange T-shirt. I’m not sure if this was his uniform or just an odd sense of fashion. But it helped us keep track of him.

getting a Laotian visa

Make Sure:

  • When going to Vientiane from Thailand, that you are in the correct line at the Laos border. There is a line for Thais, a line for people with Laos visa, and a line for people who need a Laos visa. The one for people who need visas is in the back away from the mass of people.
  • Bring a pen.
  • Bring some passport sized photos of yourself for the visa.
  • Bring some money. (US Dollars or Euros)
  • Do not get too much Laotian kip. No one will want your kip after you leave Laos! I suggest figuring out how much kip you will need then take a little less than that. You are better off bringing less kip and use  baht when you run out. You can pay for anything in baht. Your change will be in kip though. You might not get the best exchange rates, but it’s better than leaving the country with $50 worth of kip that no one will change for you.
  • You can also pay for stuff in dollars or Euros at hotels. But restaurants and shops might only take kip or baht.
  • Bring smaller bills. It’s hard to get change for a 1,000THB or a 50,000KIP note even though they are worth 30USD and 5USD respectively .

The bus will drop you off at the bus station in downtown Vientiane. Tuk-tuk drivers will follow you around asking, “Where you go? I take you!” Be sure to have small bills to pay with. They will never have change. NEVER!

A lot of the hotels are within walking distance. If you feel like walking with your heavy gear just ask someone where the Mekong Delta is and head that direction then walk along the river. There are many hotels and hostel along and off the road along the river.

If you have a compass or GPS, the Mekong Delta is south-west of the bus stations. Walk west along the Mekong to get to the hotels.


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