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Ekkamai Bus Terminal

Ekkamai Bus Terminal (สถานีเอกมัย)

Also known as Eastern Bus Terminal, this is where you can get buses to eastern cities of Thailand.

How to get there: go to the Ekkamia BTS Station and out exit 2. Then take a U-turn at the bottom of the stairs and walk past the 7-Eleven.

Buses seldom leave this station exactly on time, so if you are 10 minutes late, you still might be able to get on your bus. In fact when you get to the terminal, check to see what bus is leaving. If your bus about to leave you might still be able to flag it down, get on, and pay for the ride on the bus.

Phone: 02-391-2504

Schedules and Info:

Bang Saen Beach

  • ride:          1.5 hours
  • cost:         77THB
  • leaves:     about once an hour
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  21:00
  • Notes: Bang Saen Beach is not the last stop and this stop does not have a bus terminal. You will need to ask someone to tell you when to get off the bus.


  • ride:          2.5 hours
  • cost:          146THB
  • Leaves:     about once an hour
  • First Bus: ?      Last Bus: ?
  • The Rayong Bus Terminal is the very last stop. Don’t get off at the Rayong Bus Terminal 2 if you are going to Ko Samed.



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  1. […] to get there: You can get a bus from either Ekkamai Bus Terminal or Mochit Bus Terminal. It should cost between 146THB or 155THB depending on which bus terminal you […]


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