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Mochit Bus Terminal

Mochit Bus Terminal (Kon Song Mo Chit/ หมอชิตสอง)

Also known as Northern Bus Terminal as well as having a million different ways of writing “Morchit”, this is the bus terminal for buses heading north and some buses heading east.

How to get there: All the travel guides will tell you that it’s near Chatuchak Park which is near the Mo Chit Skytrain station. What they fail to tell you is that Chatuchak is a freakishly large park and being in this park doesn’t guarantee that you are near anything, much less the bus station.

Phone: 02-936-2852

You can go to Mochit BST and take a cab to the Bus Terminal.

Or you can take a bus. Any of these buses will do: 49, 77, 104, 122, 136, 145, 159, 170, 509, 517, 523, 547. These bus terminate at a local bus yard. You just have to walk past the little shopping area to get to the bus terminal.

Schedules and Info:


  • ride:          1.5 hours
  • cost:         50THB
  • leaves:     often
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  ?
  • Notes:  To buy tickets go to the first floor, inside at counter #22.


  • ride:          1.5 hours
  • cost:         61THB
  • leaves:     often
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  21:00
  • Notes: This is a van. I’m not sure, but I think it leave when ever there are enough people in the van. To buy tickets go to the first floor, inside at counter #57.

Nong Khai

  • ride:          10 hours
  • cost:         700THB 1st class; 350THB 2nd class
  • leaves: ?
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  21:00
  • Notes: 1st class bus – w/ toilet & 3 seats to a row; 2nd class bus – w/o toilet & 4 seats to a row

Pak Chong

  • ride:          2.5~3 hours
  • cost:         108THB
  • leaves: Every half hour or so
  • First Bus: ?     Last Bus:  ?
  • Notes: Ask the bus driver to tell you when they get to your stop. The bus driver will stop anywhere along the route, so if the bus passes by your house there is no need to go all the way back to Mochit on the return journey.


  • ride:          2.5 hours
  • cost:          155THB
  • Leaves: ?
  • First Bus: ?      Last Bus: ?

3 Responses to “Mochit Bus Terminal”

  1. […] to get there: You can get a bus from either Ekkamai Bus Terminal or Mochit Bus Terminal. It should cost between 146THB or 155THB depending on which bus terminal you use. Buses leave from […]


  2. […] me, since I live in northern Bangkok, it was easier to go to Mochit Bus Terminal. The ticket cost 50THB and the ride took 1.5 […]


  3. […] bus tickets cost more than twice that of train tickets. Tickets on a government bus leaving from Mo Chit bus station cost about 1/3 of that of the luxurious […]


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