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Songtows (สองแถว) are like buses is most Thai cities. They have a specific route and you can get on or off one anywhere along the route. They are usually cheaper than taxis or tuk-tuks. In some cities they are more like shared taxis and will take you just about wherever you need to go.

If there is not set route, tell the driver where you want to go. He will stop at your destination. You should hop out and then pay. You might want to ask how much the fare is before you get in, just in case.

If there is a planned route, then you get in and press to buzzer. It’s usually on the ceiling. When you get off you pay the driver. There is usually a flat rate no matter how long you ride.

Songtow drivers are less likely to try to scam you than the notorious tuk-tuk driver, but always use common sense first. Find out the price before you get on. If it sounds too high, don’t get on.


3 Responses to “Songtow”

  1. […] gotten to Rayong too late or too early, between 8:00 and 18:00, you will be able to take a blue songtow to the ferry. This option will cast 20THB person. Just ask at the ticket counter at the Rayong Bus […]


  2. […] this trip together. We saw a lot of stuff in one day. We were originally going to take cabs, boats, songtows, motorbike taxis, ect. But, one of our weekenders brought a car and a driver. At first I was a […]


  3. […] in tradition (of two blogs) monks are just like us because they side in Songtows (trucks that you can jump in to get from one place to another for about 30 cents) and they drink […]


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