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Southern Bus Terminal

Southern Bus Terminal (สายใต้ตลิ่งชัน/ Sai Tai Taling Chan)

From this bus terminal you can get to cities in western and southern Thailand.

Phone: 02-894-6122

This bus terminal is cannot be easily reach by public transportation. Take a cab and make sure to ask for Sai Tai Taling Chan not Sai Tai Chan or you will end up at a bus terminal that is no longer in operation.


Hua Hin/ Pranburi

  • ride:          3.5 hours
  • cost:         140 or 160THB
  • leaves:     once an hour
  • First Bus: 7:00     Last Bus:  22:30
  • Notes:  To buy tickets go to the top floor, at counter #91 (van) or #92(bus). The van is fast but the bus, in my opinion, is safer. Pranburi is the last stop

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