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Wongwian Yai Train Station

Wongwain Yai Train Station

How to get there:

  • coordinates: 13°43’28.5″N 100°29’30.9″E
  • First go to the Wongwian Yai BST Station. Then hop in a cab and ask for Wongwain Yai Train Station. Don’t be surprised if the cabbie has no idea where to go.
  • You can also walk if you know where you’re going. It will only take 8 minutes.

Here are the timetables of the trains from this station. The timetable also includes the time-table for other stations on the line. At some point on the line you have to get off the train, take a ferry across the river and get on another train. Download the timetables for higher a resolution.


6 Responses to “Wongwian Yai Train Station”

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  2. kiwi said


    Could you advice the fastest and easiest way to get from Wongwian Yai BTS Station to Wongwian Yai Railway Station?


    • withbackpack said

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. The easiest way is to take a taxi; not a tuk-tuk, but a taxi. Just make sure the driver uses his meter. Have fun on your trip!


      • kiwi said


        Thanks so much for your advice.

        Your blog has been very informative and interesting. Keep them coming.

        Actually I have more questions that I don’t seem to get any answers anywhere.

        Would appreciate it if you could advice.

        1) Will it be a long journey to go to Amphawa floating market from Mae Khlong Railway Market? Where do I take the transport?

        2) What time does Amphawa floating market open on Friday? I read online that it’s open from 12pm onwards. Was told by Thailand tourism authority it’s open at 3pm. And some travel books mentioned it opens at 4pm. I am traveling back to BKK on the last train out of Mae Khlong to Ban Laem which is at 3:30pm. So I need to get back to Mae Khlong from Amphawa in time.

        3) Do I need to buy the return train tickets from Mae Khlong Railway Market to Ban Laem in advance in case it get sold out?

        4) By the way, are there any places that you recommend to eat at Mae Khlong or Mahachai. Read that there are many seafood restaurants at Mahachai (fishing village) and would like to try a nice restaurant.

        Would appreciate your advice.



      • withbackpack said

        Sorry once again for replying so late.

        Well, let’s see. I no longer live in Thailand and I know, from my experience living there, that information you find about anything in Thailand on the internet is usually inadequate and/ or outdated if there is any information at all. So I’ll see what I can remember from my trip.

        1. Mae Khlong Railway to Amphawa Floating Market

        I did the opposite; going from the floating Market to the railway station. I took a big blue songtow, but you could also take a taxi. It’s a 15 minute drive by taxi and a little longer by songtow. I’m not sure where to find the correct songtow. If you speak a little Thai or have a phrase book, you can ask anyone you see at the station.

        2. Floating Market opening hours

        It opens when it opens. Since you have many different sources giving so many different answers, it means that no one really knows or that there isn’t a set opening time. Each vendor might open when he or she feels like it. I suspect that if you go at noon some vendors will be working but the later you go the more lively it will be.

        I don’t remember what time of day it was when we went there, but it was our first stop. After which we saw a temple and some monkeys and still made it back in time for the last train to BKK. While we where at the market there were enough vendors working for us to get snacks, buy fruit and drinks, and have a meal.

        3. Buy in Advanced.

        This is an old train that is free for Thai so it doesn’t matter if you buy tickets in advance or not. Besides, I don’t think you can. The train is not very crowded. If you don’t have a seat when you get on, you will have one after the first stop. Though, I doubt it ever gets that crowded.

        4. Nice Restaurant

        I don’t know if I would consider any restaurant in the area “nice”. If you want delicious food, just about any food stall or vendor will do. But, nothing with great ambiance, character, charm, or specialty dishes really stand out in my mind. Just walk around and try anything that catches your eye. Though I recommend staying away from the fish ball soup. It’s OK when it’s done right, and when it’s done wrong, it tastes like sin.

        But, do have some ice coffee in a bag. It’s the best stuff ever. …and I don’t normally like coffee.


  3. kiwi said

    Hi hi,

    Thanks again for your reply.

    You are right that majority of information online are rather outdated. Guess got to take it as it comes without getting too fussed up about the planning.

    And it’s true the iced coffee is awesome 🙂


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